Guide Wave specializes in the manufacturing and sale of spectroscopy equipment for online process monitoring. Successful process monitoring applications include refinery, polymer, pharmaceutical, sterilization, and semiconductor industries in the United States and internationally. Guided Wave products include system analyzers, spectrophotometers, photometers, fiber optic cables, sample probes, flow cells, spectrometers, hydrogen peroxide vapor monitors, turbidity sensors, sample capture and conditioning systems, software, and accessories.

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Acetonitrile Cleanup
Solvent Recovery
Water in Solvent Turbidity

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Phosphoric Acid
SC-1, SC-2 Cleaning Solutions
% HF in Water
Copper/Sulfuric Acid

The single source for reliable, rugged analyzer hardware

Guided Wave products provide continuous analytical monitoring of your process, delivering the data and information you need when you need it. Our product line includes optical probes and flow cells, photometers, fiber cables, full-spectrum spectrometers, sampling systems, and data analysis software, all with a two-year warranty. At Guided Wave, all products are tested in system configurations to ensure optimal transmission and full compatibility.

  • Guided Wave manufactures all of the analyzer subassemblies, ensuring consistent quality, accuracy, safety, and reliability.
  • Guided Wave systems are easy to install and service and come with assistance, training and after-installation support.
  • Guided Wave provides support for application development and feasibility studies.



Why use NIR and UV/VIS?
Analyzers: Spectrometers
Analyzers: Photometers
Sample Interfaces
Traditionally, absorption spectroscopy has been used in laboratories to perform the precise analyses of samples. recent years, as electronic circuitry and optical components have become more refined, a more robust portion of the electromagnetic spectrum—UV/VIS/NIR—has emerged for process analytics. No other technology matches the acquisition speed and the range of measurements returned by a fiber optic-based dispersive grating spectrometer. A comprehensive set of data that takes hours of laboratory analyses to acquire can be available in about a minute.
These workhorse analyzers have been field proven for almost three decades. It is typical for a Guided Wave scanning spectrometer running 24/7 to last more than 10 years with >99% uptime. The maintenance requirements are also minimal in comparison to other monitoring techniques (for example, process gas chromatographs and online titrators). The return on investment and the low cost of operation make Guided Wave analyzers a sensible and proven choice.
The power of online monitoring using NIR
In 1983 Guided Wave was recognized as an industry leader when it delivered the first fiber optic-based NIR analyzers. Today, Guided Wave is the only process NIR spectroscopy vendor that provides a complete optically matched system, yielding the best throughput efficiency and long-term performance that exceeds industry standards.
The team at Guided Wave is accessible and responsive, offering insightful solutions to your application questions, innovative designs, expert technical support, and knowledgeable service. ISO 9001 certified, Guided Wave maintains global support and certified technical distributors worldwide. We stay with you through the lifetime of the product to ensure you get better data for better decisions.
Guided Wave produces the best multiplexed spectrometric analyzers in terms of signal-to-noise ratio, providing more robust calibrations and less maintenance.
  • Full-spectrum analyzers cover a wide range of wavelengths, from UV/VIS through the near-infrared.
  • Process data available to your control system in seconds.
  • Exceptional performance with laboratory precision and accuracy in rugged, field-tested instruments.
  • Single or multiple, independent sampling points with one analyzer
Guided Wave’s economical photometers are designed for well-characterized applications where only a few wavelengths are needed. Easy to calibrate and install, they are the simple solution.
  • 1-2 independent sample points.
  • Class 1 Division 1, Class 1 Division2, ATEX and IECEx enclosures.
  • Small footprint; install without major changes to existing structures.
  • Minimal plant utilities and cost of operation; no instrument air, nitrogen or potable water needed. (Dependent on area classification, for example, Z-purge; C1 Div2).
Guided Wave robust sampling interfaces are reliable in harsh, challenging conditions. Our probes, flow cells and fiber optics are engineered to optimize total analyzer performance, giving you better data for better decisions.
  • Fiber optic sample interfaces are available for both liquid and gas streams.
  • Best light energy transmission efficiency in commercially available interfaces.
  • Our specifications typically call for 50% better throughput than other commercially available interfaces.
  • In-house custom probe and flow cell design for bypass loops and slipstreams.
  • Patented high-performance optical fiber cabling with rugged Tefzel™ Kevlar™
Jacketing, steel well-characterized, or BX armor.