Guided Wave 35 Years Strong – Honoring Customers for their 20 Years of Patronage

Guided Wave Customer awards

Established in 1983, Guided Wave has been in continuous business operation for over 35 years. To commemorate this event the company recognized customers who have patronized Guided Wave for 20 or more years.

As a token of appreciation, several companies were awarded a plaque and thank you letter from Guided Wave President, Susan Foulk, and Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Debra Hall. “We wish to thank all of our customers for their loyalty and continued patronage. Customers like Dow, BASF and Invista have been with us since the beginning and their belief in Guided Wave and our products are why we are able to celebrate this thirty-fifth milestone.” stated Susan Foulk, she continued, “Our product reliability, stable instrument platforms and responsive technical support are why companies from around the world have depended on Guided Wave and continue to do so.”

The team at Guided Wave thanks and acknowledges the following companies for over twenty years of loyalty and support:
• Eastman Chemical – in Kingsport, Tennessee
• Dow Chemical – in Midland, Michigan
• Dow Chemical – in Freeport, Texas
• Dow Chemical – in South Charleston, West Virginia
• BASF- in Florham Park, New Jersey
• Invista- in LaPorte, Texas
• Advan6Specialty Materials – in Colonial Heights, Virginia
• Covestro – in Bayport, Texas
• Evonik – in Mobile, Alabama
• UOP Honeywell – in Des Plaines, Illinois

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