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Have questions about probes and flow cells, or sample interface in general? Attend our free educational webinar “Getting to the (Sampling) Point!”
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Online process measurements with NIR or UV-VIS spectroscopic analyzers will require a sample interface. The sample interface is a critical element of any process analyzer system and is the “virtual view” into the process. The sample interface consists of either a probe or flow cell and is designed for use with fiber optic cables which are coupled to the analyzer. The probe or flow cell is the point where the light meets the sample. As a result, the sample interface performance strongly affects the overall system performance of a process analyzer. High optical efficiency and low sensitivity to environmental factors are essential to precise, reliable measurements. Thus optimal system performance requires sample interfaces that are not overly sensitive to vibration, temperature and pressure changes.

25 years ago, process probes for fiber optic spectroscopy were small, fragile devices with poor optical throughput, ill-defined path lengths and uncollimated light beams. Today that’s all changed, but there is still a lot of confusion on how to choose the correct sample interface to achieve optimal results. From probe to flow cell, pathlength, compatible materials and certifications; Guided Wave has the answers.

Attend our free educational webinar “Getting to the (Sampling) Point!.” webinar is 20 minutes of expert advice from a company who designed one of the bestselling and most copied process probe designs in the world, the SST Probe. Developed in 1991, the SST probe (and family of probes) continue to be valued by users and process engineers, worldwide, for the confidence it promotes in the quality of their data and, thus, their final product. REGISTER NOW

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