ASTM Color Analyzer – Photometer

Complete Analytical System for Measuring Saybolt Color (ASTM D156, ASTM D6045)

The visual Saybolt color test is often used for manufacturing control purposes because it is an easy, rapid determination of product quality or contamination.

Saybolt color (reference ASTM D156, ASTM D6045) is primarily used in characterizing fuels including automobile and aviation gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel and other petroleum products. The Saybolt color scale varies from near water white (30) to dark yellow (-16). Both of these ASTM methods are off-line manual laboratory methods.

The original test design required an observer to compare the color of a product to a known standard, and then judge the “color.” Using a Guided Wave Saybolt Color Analyzer system to automate this measurement within a process, eliminates the visual judgment of a technician and delivers online real-time process control information to the process operators.

System Configuration

The Guided Wave Saybolt Color Analyzer system is a complete solution. The “ready-to-go” analytical system includes:

  • Analyzer - ClearView® db filter photometer technology
  • Fiber optic cables
  • Sample interface - insertion probe or flow cell
  • Control software and Saybolt application calibration

Accurate, Real-time Reliable Results

The Saybolt Analyzer system utilizes a Guided Wave multi-wavelength ClearView db filter photometer analyzer platform. It may be configured for either one (1) or two (2) independent sample monitoring points. The ClearView db analyzer is configured with application appropriate wavelengths to measure the Saybolt color of the sample. The analyzer employs a dual-beam design – meaning; the system has an continual internal optical reference check that allows it to self-compensate for signal variation due to non-sample conditions. This ultimately provides the system with long term stability. The final product is a total Saybolt Color System that measures the color variation without interference from other factors.

Figure 1 shows a typical trend chart monitoring Saybolt color of a continuous flowing process. Figure 2 shows an initial calibration chart showing the measured values as compared to laboratory standard values.

Saybolt Color Analyzer Enclosure Options

Complete Saybolt Color Analyzer System

  • Unique dual beam optics - for long term, stable operation
  • Up to two (2) independent measurement points -  for added analytical flexibility at reduced cost per point
  • High efficiency yet rugged fiber optics - analyzer electronics can be located away from a hazardous sample point
  • In-door touch screen or Ethernet (Modbus TCP) - easy local or remote analyzer operation and control
  •  Analytical calculations are all encoded in the software - answers and alarms are clearly reported

Reliable, Rugged, and Flexible

By partnering with Guided Wave you gain the advantage of 35+ years of experience in online process monitoring and stream sample analysis. Our entire product line is designed and developed to meet the challenges of the most demanding production environments. The Pulsed Xenon source lamp used in the Benchtop 508plus has a lifetime lasting over two years.

The Smart Choice

Guided Wave’s Saybolt Color Analyzer system delivers  accurate, real-time process measurement results. Its linearity and repeatability, as well as its low maintenance requirements  make it a cost effective, smart choice to help optimize production, improve yields, ensure consistent product quality and enhance profitability.

Options for a Custom Solution

Another advantage of the Saybolt Analyzer system is that is can be customized in many ways. For more information about specifications and analyzer operations request ClearView db
document #1033 or call Guided Wave.

Saybolt Color Analyzer Enclosure Options
Saybolt Color Analyzer Enclosure Options

Specifications: Saybolt Color Analyzer - Photometer

Analyzer TypeUV-Vis Spectrometer, Transmission Grating, High Sensitivity Diode Array
Bandwidth < 3 nm
Channels1-4, Independent, Sequentially Scanned
CommunicationsModbus TCP over Ethernet or Serial RTU Optional analog and digital I/O w/OPTO 22 panel via Modbus TCP Ethernet
Compatible Fiber DiametersBetween 200 μm and & 600 μm; 400 μm standardInternal Instrument Control Unit (ICU)
Compatible Fiber Type or Fiber optic cable ?
Dimensions Enclosure (w x d x h)General Purpose: 30”x 24” x 17.7” [60 cm x 45 cm x 73.5 cm]
Dynamic Range2000:1 for a single scan
Enclosure OptionsNEMA 4 or NEMA 4x, IP66
Environmental0 °C - 45°C sun shade required
Ethernet10/100/1000 Mbps
Fiber Optic Cable High-OH Deep-UV-Solarization Resistant
Fiber Optic Cable ConnectorsSMA 905
Hazardous Area OperationZ-Purge (CI, D2), X-Purge (CI, D1), ATEX (contact factory)
Humidity0-100% rain shelter required
Internal Instrument Control Unit (ICU)Internal w/solid state drive (call factory for specifi cations)
Internal Temperature Control32 °C ±0.5 °C
Light Source / Life2W pulsed Xenon Lamp / > 2 years
Operating SystemWindows® embedded
Photometric Noise< 0.8 mAU @ 0 AU, 550 nm, 1 sec
Power Requirements110 or 220 Vac 50/60 Hz, 1500 W
Product Name508 plus
Product Part Number ?
RoHs CompliantYes
Scan Time (Dual Beam)5 milliseconds (minimum scan time)
Software RequiredGW5080S UV-Vis Operating System (see document #7005)
Stray Light < 1 % <0.1% @ 220 nm
Touch Screen Monitor15” [38 cm] XGA 1024 x 768 color (General Purpose & Class I, Division 2 only)
Warranty2 year limited warranty
Wavelength Accuracy±0.1 nm
Wavelength Precision (Repeatability)
Wavelength Range200 nm – 850 nm
Weight~ 200 lbs [91 kg]