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Meet Our New Product Manger and Applications Specialist Meet Ryan Lerud our newest Product Manager and Application Specialist. Ryan’s primary focus will be application development, providing pre and post-sales support, including technical presentations, equipment demonstrations, system troubleshooting and customer training.

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35 Year Anniversary! From 1983 to 2018  - Guided Wave a leading manufacturer of online process analytical systems is pleased to announce the 35th anniversary of continuous business operation. Established in 1983, Guided Wave was an industry pioneer when it delivered the first fiber optic-based Near Infrared (NIR) analyzers.  Read our story of 35 years  ►
 Customer Success Story Online NIR Process Analyzer System Saves Money in Unexpected Ways
A Guided Wave dual-beam NIR Process Analyzer System was fully incorporated to measure Research Octane Number (RON) of reformate from a plant's catalytic reformer. Accurate real-time measurement saved the company money in additional, unexpected ways.
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Customer Success Story Online Fuel Blending for Increased Product, Flexibility and Competitiveness
A Guided Wave NIR Process Analyzer System was fully implemented for real-time fuel blending measurement and control to optimize online gas blend quality, capacity, and product flexibility. The determination of fuel octane numbers (i.e. RON, MON) is a common NIR application. However, this customer required a very broad and unusual RON range for the feed stocks (RON 70-100+).
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New Product  Teflon Axial Flow Cell
Designed for sample streams that are either extremely corrosive or intolerant to metal contamination. Excellent for semiconductor processes/applications.
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Color Measurements Color Measurement Overview and New Color Analyzers
Many liquid product specifications are based on color measurements. This new document summarizes the color methods and the suitable Guided Wave analyzer system for APHA\Pt-Co (Hazen) Color, ASTM Color, Saybolt Color, Turbidity (Haze) Color and Gardner Color.
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GW Newsletter Guided Wave Newsletter: The Guide Post
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  • Global Restructure of Natural Gas Market
  • Product Pipeline Interface Detection
  • Color Management - New Analyzer Solutions
  • Customizable Instrument Training May 23-26
  • New Corporate Brochure

Product Updates Saybolt Color Analyzer
New Complete Analytical System for Measuring Saybolt Color (ASTM D156, ASTM D6045)Guided Wave’s Saybolt Color Analyzer system delivers accurate, real-time process measurement results. Its linearity and repeatability, as well as its low maintenance requirements, make it a cost-effective, smart choice to help optimize production, improve yields, ensure consistent product quality and enhance profitability.
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Application Notes Color in LNG
Monitor the color of LNG (liquefied natural gas) safely and economically, online with high precision using an economical Clearview® db analyzer.
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Technical Support M412 Grating Installation and Removal
New videos with quick installation and removal instructions for M412 NIR analyzer.