How to Choose an Analyzer

Guided Wave Analyzers

  • Guided Wave engineers, designs and manufactures complete process analytical systems … the heart of which includes the Analyzer
  • NIR (Near-infrared) and UV/Vis (Ultraviolet & Visible) spectroscopic techniques provide proven process-rugged systems
  • Optically optimized and matched components ensure reliable data for producing results that process engineers can count on with confidence

Quick View and Comparison Selection Guide:

Wavelength Range required for measurementsNear InfraredUV/VisVisible and Near Infrared
Complex Samples with variable chemistries
Complex Samples with many measurements
Simple well-characterized process
Maximum # of Sample Points1242
Wide range of reported “answers”
Fewer than six (6) “answers"

General Families of Analyzer platforms and models:

Analyzer Systems

Dedicated Application Analyzers

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