Sample Interface : Probes and Flow Cells

The sample interface is a virtual "windows into the process" and is a critical component of any optical analyzer system. Guided Wave sample interfaces (probes, flow cells) are designed for use with NIR or UV/Vis fiber optic coupled analyzers. They are designed to be rugged and reliable in harsh chemical and physical process conditions while providing optimal transmission for long-term reliable measurements.

More information is available about specific products can be found on each specific products page or on the sample interfaces product brochure.



O-SST Probe

(SST) Probe


Shutter Process Probe

SST Transmission Probe

(O-SST) Process Probe

T-SST probe

T-SST probe

Probe Extractor

Probe Extractor

Turbidity Probe

Turbidity Probe

G-SST Vapor Probe, 50 cm Pathlength

G-SST Vapor Probe

Flow Cells
Multi-Purpose Flow Cell (MPFC)

Multi-Purpose Flow Cell

Axial Flowcell

Axial Flow Cell

Gas Flow Cell from Guided Wave

Gas Flow Cell

Teflon Flow Cell - Guided Wave

Teflon Flow Cell

Product Teflon Flow Cell

Teflon Axial Flow Cell

Turbidity Flow Cell

Turbidity Flow Cell

MPFC heated small

Heated Flow Cell

Guided Wave's Cuvette Holder

Cuvette Holder

Teflon PFA/PEEK Flow Cell

PFA/PEEK Flow Cell

HSFC, high Safety Flowcell

High Safety FC