Analyzer Systems

The optical or spectrum analyzer is the brain which transforms the signal collected by the sample interface into actionable information. Guided Wave sample interfaces (probes, flow cells) are designed for use with NIR or UV/Vis fiber optic coupled analyzers. They are designed to be rugged and reliable in harsh chemical and physical process conditions while providing optimal light transmission for long-term reliable measurements.

More information is available about specific products can be found on each specific products page or on the sample interfaces product brochure.


Near Infrared Range Spectrometers and Photometers
NIR-O Analyzer

NIR-O Full Spectrum Analyzer

HPV Analyzer in Stainless Steel Cabinet

H2O2 Vapor Analyzer

Clearview Dual Beam VIS/NIR Photometer

Clearview Dual beam Photometer

Visible/Color Photometers

SayBolt Color Analyzer Calibration Curve

Saybolt and ASTM Color Analyzer

Turbidity (Haze) Analyzer

Turbidity (Haze) Analyzer

Ultra Violet and Visible Range Spectrometers and Photometers


508 UV/VIS for Lab

Product M508plus Guided Wave UV-VIS analyzer

508 UV-VIS Full Spectrum Analyzer